Carbon Interface makes it easy for developers to perform carbon emissions calculations through an easy-to-use API. The Carbon Interface API supports three different carbon estimate types:

In order to provide accurate estimates that developers can trust, each estimate type has a different carbon calculation that factors in best practices from GHG Protocol, the IPCC and country-specific agencies such as the EPA. Additionally, all emissions data is versioned to ensure accurate estimates in the future and audit purposes. We believe in being transparent with our calculations and data sources so developers can assure their users that they are performing accurate emission estimates.


g = gram

lb = pound

kg = kilogram

mt = metric tonne

mw = megawatt

mwh = megawatt hour

m = mile

km = kilometer


The electricity estimate type allows developers to obtain an emissions estimate based on a country (currently includes Canada and United States data), state/province and the megawatt hours of consumption. To calculate the emissions estimate we select the emission factor for the geographic region and multiply that with the number of units consumed.